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14/11/2012 13:02

The site is not a neutral site, it is ran by two Wimbledon Fans, it was set up in 2002 with the formation of AFC Wimbledon. At the time I knew some web knowledge and wanted to promote the club and provide a news channel, there was a number of unofficial sites that started at the same time. Over time it has simplified and focussed not on opinion but just on keeping fans and followers up to date with AFC Wimbledon related activities and statistics. However we are against Franchising within UK Football, We are behind the Drop the Dons Campaign and firmly believe that if Milton Keynes truly wanted a football league team they should have invested in Milton Keynes City and progressed through the football pyramid, AFC Wimbledon proved that on a budget it can still be done. And least not forget The Milton Keynes Stadium Consortium was not interested in football and neither is InterMK. I have made my decision with regards to attending the match. It is something that each AFC Wimbledon fan has to decide for themselves, it is something we all have to think on and at the least, even that in itself is testament to the issue. AFC Wimbledon is the best thing to come out of the debacle that was the 28th May 2002. However the press report on the game at Milton Keynes and whatever some may conclude, AFC Wimbledon is owned and ran by the Fans, it is the local community from the area and History of a Football Club called Wimbledon Old Centrals that started in 1889. It is so fantastically removed from the 'business' of football. Come on you Dons.

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